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Green Roof Systems

Residential and Commercial Green Roofs

Green roofs are gaining popularity mainly in the urban areas and are applicable to both residential and industrial buildings. This is because they have a high aesthetic value and they are efficient in energy conservation. The beautiful outdoor spaces can be made suitable for living areas, commercial communal areas or they can be conserved as natural habitat for different species of birds and wildlife.

As roofing trends change, we endeavor to keep ahead of our competitors, to offer the customer the most efficient, environmentally friendly options available across the market. Ensuring our knowledge base is kept up to date by attending supplier conferences, seminars and exhibitions we are able to inform customers of the options available to them.

We also feel it is important that we offer all installations an insurance backed 10 year workmanship guarantee. This is in addition to the 20 year warranty offered on the EPDM.

Other roofers might guarantee their own work, but you will have to convince them that their work is below standard before they will repair/remediate and problems. With an insurance backed guarantee you know you are covered by an independent body, should the work we do not be up to standard. We offer this to all our customers FREE OF CHARGE.

Green roofing in Kent
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