The winter months can be the harshest on your flat roof, with ice and snow, strong winds and low temperatures. Any vulnerabilities can lead to damage of the covering, the roof deck and any goods stored inside the building, which can prove to be costly for homeowners who are unprepared.

We’ve come up with three things you can do to make sure your flat roofing is ready for winter.

Look after your gutters

Gutters can easily and quickly become clogged with leaves and other fallen debris during the autumn. Making sure that gutters remain clear is paramount, as this is one of the most common causes of leaking roofing and water ingress during the winter.

Permaroof Kent can install a product that can help to prevent clogged gutters. The Gutterbrush sits inside the gutter box and is designed to allow water to pass through but captures leaves and other small debris in plastic bristles which can then easily blow away.

A simple idea, but one that brings peace of mind for years once installed.

Insulate your flat roofing

Insulation can protect your flat roof from low temperatures. A cold roof is much more susceptible to mould, cracks and ultimately, leaking. Making sure the inside of your roof is well insulated can help to prevent ice damage and condensation problems through heat loss.

Although insulation is ideally carried out during the warmer months, it is never too late to add insulation where needed.

Consider replacing flat roof coverings

The hot sun of the summer months beating down on a flat roof can lead to problems during the winter. When outdated roofing becomes hot, it can bubble up across the roof surface. Certain types of roofing, such as bituminous felt, are highly susceptible to this. If bubbles are left, once dried out they crack and create vulnerable spots across the roofing that will leak once ice creeps in when it gets cold.

Replacing outdated roofing with a modern alternative, such as an EPDM flat roofing system, can give longevity and reliability to roofing for decades. EPDM has a life expectancy of more than five decades, which can mean the difference between a leaking roof and a reliable one for years to come.

Looking after your flat roofing over winter and following a few simple guidelines can ensure you keep a dry building without the worry of incurring expensive flat roof repairs or damage. Talk to Permaroof Kent today and book your free roofing survey before the winter sets in.