Energy efficient roofing is not always the first priority for homeowners, and many do not think about it beyond basic insulation. But did you know that making your roofing energy efficient can make a significant difference to the cost of running your home?

There are many ways of tackling home energy efficiency from installing appliances that have lower consumption demands to installing a vapour barrier in your roof and more in between.

As more and more Kent homeowners look to energy efficient building methods, we’ve put together some of the best ways you can tackle your roofing project planning to make the most of the latest systems for energy efficiency.

Install a roofing vapour barrier

A vapour barrier installed within a roofing system can significantly reduce heat loss through the roof. This means that heating the house requires less energy and in turn can lower bills.

When damp or humid air rises and cools, the temperature fluctuations can cause condensation as moisture is trapped against the roof deck boards or the joists. A warm roof vapour barrier prevents moisture from reaching and forming on the wooden parts of the roofing, sitting typically between the plywood and the insulation layers.

Have an insulation check

UK Building Regulations surrounding heat loss through roofing are tighter than those for walls and floors. Meeting the requirements and getting a good energy rating can be challenging for homeowners. An insulation check is well worth having and can give you a good overview of your roofing energy efficacy.

Get a professional installation for energy efficient roofing

It can make a significant difference to your energy efficiency in the home if you have a well-planned, thought-through roofing installation. If you’re replacing your current roofing to improve your energy efficiency, use experienced, knowledgeable professional roofers that can give you a range of options.

There is much more to energy efficient roofing than basic insulation and if you’re replacing a roof, you’re looking at a big project. Because of this it makes sense to consider all your options, particularly those that offer long-term value.

Permaroof Kent is dedicated to offering our clients environmentally-friendly roofing systems and has a wealth of experience when it comes to energy efficiency. Let us give you a free, no-obligation quotation for installation of a vapour barrier and we will check your insulation completely free of charge. With nothing to lose and an energy efficient roof just a call away, what are you waiting for?