Permaroof Kent has a great summer special offer for all our customers to help prepare for the typical autumn issue of blocked guttering. We’re giving away a free GutterBrush with every installation of EPDM roofing we carry out in August and we can’t wait for you to have yours.

The warm summer months are the ideal time to sort out any roofing issues. Leaving roof checks until winter just makes life harder and no one wants to be trying to replace roofing when ice, snow and freezing temperatures are typical, and no one wants to be clearing the gutters to avoid clogging and overflowing.

Keeping gutters clear of debris with a GutterBrush

When the leaves start to fall, the following months are often filled with gutter clearing to try to avoid the costly damage that can be caused by clogging and subsequent overflow. When this happens, it isn’t long before damage can be visible inside properties. Leaving a blocked gutter can result in damage to roof decks, decorations and goods stored inside. This results in costly repairs and sometimes an emergency call out, which is never convenient or reasonably priced, especially if your roofer has to get up in the middle of the night or leave another job.

The GutterBrush is a simple, clever invention, made up of polyurethane bristles wound round a central stainless steel core. The brush is designed to fit snugly in standard half-moon or square gutters and can be secured using wires at each end. The filaments sit proud of the gutter and prevent leaves and small debris from entering; they are blown away or caught in the bristles. Rainwater can pass easily through the filaments and drain away as usual. The GutterBrush can eliminate the annual task of clearing the gutters and save pounds over the guaranteed lifetime of 7 years paying a professional to clear them.

How Permaroof Kent can help you

We’re a friendly team of flat roofers covering Kent and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on customer service and provide a free insurance-backed guarantee to offer you peace of mind. You can be sure that your EPDM flat roofing jobs are done right first time with Permaroof Kent.

Did you know that we now offer finance packages to help spread the cost of all your EPDM and liquid flat roofing installations? Why not talk to us this year about your roofing projects? Call us on 01233 229 233 today – claim your free GutterBrush this summer and put the worry about clogged gutters away for years.